Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ab Workout - I kid you not!

So there was a pregnant instructor at our body moves class last night.  I was already thinking thank god, I won't have to exhaust myself with a killer ab workout this time.  Boy was I wrong!  We did crunches and twists and semi-prone holding a weight and other yoga like poses that held us up and in tight tummy holds for what seemed like way past our 7:30 stop time.  The next class was lining up and watching us through the windows which of course made me try even harder.  I can sure feel it this morning.    I keep looking in the mirror expecting to see this huge change, but so far its more on the inside than the out.  

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Old Patterns and New Beginnings

The reason I entitled this blog "Old Patterns and New Beginnings " is because it occurs to me that I start to fall into old habits when I am stressed, busy,  or tired or any combination of the three.  This past two weeks I have been all three.  I need to keep working to get to the gym and do my routine or I shall slip into my old pattern.  That would be falling asleep in my chair, after dinner and basically doing very little until the weekend.  So today was another new beginning and I was at the gym, did my rowing, and weights and left feeling pretty positive.  Tomorrow night is my body moves class and I am looking forward to that!  I know I will be able to stick with it.  By the way, a good friend of mine is doing water aerobics and swimming and has gotten herself into a new routine, with some new people.  I am proud of her efforts and know she is beginning to reap the benefits of her new lifestyle.  Yeah!  Can't say enough for the positive effects of exercise on mood and outlook.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Snowshoeing - 2nd time

Tomorrow I will set off on a big snowshoeing adventure.  I have been out snowshoeing one time before and though I enjoyed the activity immensely, I was pretty red in the face after only a short time.  I now own snowshoes and hope they will pay me back on the investment by giving me some good cardio, and leg strengthening results.  I will let you know on Sunday night as I will be away from computers etc. for the weekend.  Wish me luck!  PS I hope to stay on my feet and not bang up any more knees....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Monday to Thursday

Monday night I was back at it with the body moves class.  Did you know they have these stretchy rubber bands that you pull on, stretch and tug at to do all sorts of strengthening activities.  What a workout.    I think I discovered some new spots for sure.  I was getting up early today to go to the gym but woke late, so am writing in my blog instead.  It is my intention to go later today.

I fell twice on the ice this week and both my knees look like how they used to look when I was a kid, scraped and bruised!  I will be happy when it warms up.   

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday walk

Today, we went for a dog walk along the dykes.  It was wonderful and sunny and great to get outside. The dogs had great fun and so did I even though I went over on my ankle and skinned my shin.  OUCH! I kept on and soon was okay, but let me tell you, that hurt.  I hate falling and it makes me feel stupid for doing it, for some weird reason.  

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Today was wonderful for a number of reasons.  I slept in until almost 7 a.m., I went to the gym on the way home from getting my eyebrows threaded and I painted a birdhouse.  I was able to get through my workout with the exception that I didn't do a long cardio, however I went for a dog walk with my daughter and that felt great.  I baked squares for the jewelry parties and made homemade chicken spaghetti sauce.  We had Spaghetti for dinner.  The rest of the day was spent in doing Saturday chores and tidying up the messes I kept making.  How am I feeling ?  I am feeling like I am able to maintain the three days a week for now.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 13th Still at it.

Where am I now.  Last night I completed the Body Moves class again.  I did great at everything but the activities involving rotator cuff movement.  Ouch!  I have kept up with crunches on the exercise ball.  I really like this exercise and can do it with little strain on my back.  

I am doing my best to be consistent and stick with it.  I ended up with a big Charlie Horse in my calf this week.  Ouch again.  I am really feeling my age.  Hopefully these aches and pains will soon be gone.